My Future Funeral Plans.

I went to a visitation/wake today, which caused me to think alot about how I would like my funeral to be whenever God decides to take me home. A little morbid perhaps, but I realized today, I truly am ready to go home to heaven, should it be by death or the Lord’s return.

So here are my thoughts:
-I want absolutely no one wearing black. No mom, not even you who I begged to pick a different color other then black to wear to my wedding. Black signifies mourning. I want bright cheerful colors to signify happiness and joy that I am now home with Jesus.

-Please don’t put me in a frilly new dress. My favorite jeans and a t-shirt will be just fine. When people see my physical body for the last time, I want it to remind them of how they normally saw me on a day to day basis. Of course, if I die when I’m 82 years old and typically wear hot pink elastic pants and flowered aplicade blouses, have blue hair and hundreds of wrinkles on my face- I think it might be a better idea to leave the casket closed. 😉

-As for the vistation- maybe only an hour or two long. I want lots and lots of pictures of all my friends and family displayed. Maybe a book or note cards for the guests to write down there favorite memory so that those who I left behind could have it as a special keepsake. No flowers whatsoever. Instead of flowers, ask those who feel inclined to give to donate to whatever ministry Bennett and I were currently involved in at the time. Or to Thai missions as Thailand will always hold a place in my heart.

-The funeral-LOTS and LOTS of music! And celebrating! I am in heaven for crying out loud, what could be better? Songs such as “I’ll Fly Away” (No boring Baptist version either), “Oh Happy Day-Tim Hughes”, “Oh, How He Loves Us-David Crowder”, “Free-United” etc. Just solid songs that talk about the Lord that sound upbeat and joyful! As for a speaker, no more then 15 minutes, but a clear solid salvation message. I don’t want the speaker talking about me, but about my Savior and Lord. I want those who don’t have a relationship with the Lord to clearly know how they can have one.

-The burial. Hmm. Not sure how my parents would feel about this- so brace yourself mom and dad if you are reading, and I really hope this whole post isn’t freaking you out too bad- but if my parent’s land is still in the family, I would like to be buried there. I just find it odd being buried in a huge place with other random strangers.

-Other random details. Whoever has to pay for my funeral-please be as minimalistic as possible. I won’t care whether my coffin cost 5,000 dollars or 50 dollars. As long as its a box that can go in the ground I’m good. I think its ridicilous how much funerals cost-and anyone who knows me knows I could care less- so go the cheap route.

-And for those who I leave behind-children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, Melisa, Ella, Bennett, friends-even my own parent’s and grandparents as I do not know the Lord’s timing- you can mourn, but not for too long (a day or two should suffice ;)). Then continue doing the work of the Lord-sharing with other’s how they can have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

So, there it is. My funeral plans. Hope I didn’t completely freak everybody out-just something I was thinking alot about today at work. It’s just that I finally fully grasped today that I am okay with death. I am okay if I die. Might as well start planning for it now.