About Us

This blog is about us-Bennett and Carrie Wampler- and our lives while we are waiting, for His strength, His direction, and ultimately- His return.

Click on Home to read our latest posts, or view the tabs at the top to read about books we love, our struggle with Vaginismus and the loss of our two precious, and only, babies through miscarriage.

If you are struggling with vaginismus or have had a miscarriage feel free to contact me at carriewampler@yahoo.com. I would love to offer a listening ear, share scripture verses that were encouraging to me and pray for you.

*I am not a medical professional and will not offer any medical advice.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This is cool. Will have to add it to my favorites to keep up with you guys. Also, love the pictures!!! Especially the one with you walking in the water. Very cool. Hope your day has been blessed.

  2. There is another married couple out there fighting vaginismus! My husband and I have been suffering from it for 2 years as well! I’ve been to the Center for Female Sexuality in New York and am having a botox procedure to fix my Vaginismus! I will be on The Doctors show in the next couple weeks, so if you watch it, you’ll see the segment on Vaginismus and I’ll be sharing my story! I came across your blog when searching about others who might be struggling with this, and it made me so happy to see you love the Lord and have been trusting Him through all of it!!!! I haven’t read your whole story, but from the bits I have read we have so many similarities it’s really uncanny!! SO encouraging!!!!!! God bless both of you!!!!!!!

    • I sent you a message on facebook as well- but thanks so much for commenting! It means so much to me when I know that someone has found our blog and it has ministered to them. That is the whole reason why God allows us to go through difficult circumstances so that it can bring Glory to Him and so that we can be of comfort to others. Feel free to email/contact me–I’d love to talk with you more!

  3. Thanks so much for the comment and for sharing with me! I pray that your treatment will be a COMPLETE success!! If you have any questions about the Womens Therapy Center (or anything else) I am more then willing to talk with you–it was such a great experience!

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