Asking For Your Prayers…

Today we planned to announce our pregnancy with joy and excitement, but instead we are announcing with fear, love for our child and a plea for prayers.

We found out in September that we were pregnant and we were ecstatic! It was such a direct answer to our prayers and started to fill my longing to become a mother. Ever since I can remember I never desired a career or any other occupation. I want to be a mother. We went to our first ultrasound two weeks after we found out, only to be told that we most likely would lose this baby. All the fears of my previous loss came running back, yet I asked God to work a miracle and that we would see a precious heartbeat at our next appointment. A week later, we returned and we saw a beautiful heartbeat- yet we were told once again we would lose this baby. The heart rate was too slow (109bpm) and the baby was measuring too small. I began to pray again and ask God that at our next appointment the heart rate be 150pm. The next week we showed up, the baby doubled in size and the heart rate was between 148-150bpm. I was thrilled and the doctor told me my miscarriage rate was down to 5%. I began praying again that at our next appointment that the baby would measure at least nine weeks as it was still on the small size. Today was that appointment and the heart rate was even better at 186bpm and measured at 9 weeks and 2 days! I was so happy- but yet I could tell the ultrasound tech was being quiet and something wasn’t quite right.

The doctor told us that there is abnormal fluid in the baby’s neck and abdomen, known as Cystic Hygroma. She told me that my chances of losing this baby went from 5% to 70% and if I do carry this baby to term it is at high risk of birth defects, heart defects and other conditions such as Down Syndrome, Turner Syndrome and several other conditions.

I am asking for your prayers. God has been faithful and has answered specific prayers already and I am asking for more. First, I am asking when we go back next week that there will be no abnormal fluid and we will see a perfectly healthy baby. Second, I am asking that if there is still fluid around the baby- that God will protect this little one and either heal later in the pregnancy or give us the strength to help this child the best we can with whatever conditions he may have.

Third, and the most difficult is that if we lose this child that I will not become angry or bitter. That I will praise God no matter what. As I type these words, it is so hard because I love this child and no matter what difficulties the child faces medically- it will never change my love and desire to have this child, yet I must understand and accept that losing this baby is a very real possibility. I know my God is big enough to overcome these 70% odds, but I also know that things happen-chromosomal abnormalities that can cause issues such as these.

Here is a picture of our little one to keep in your prayers (we saw him wiggling around and his little arms and legs–never doubt that life begins at conception- proof right here!)-

photo (2)


31 thoughts on “Asking For Your Prayers…

  1. Oh Carrie, my heart is burdened with your struggle today!!! I know how far you have come and it is an answer to my prayers that you’re continuing in faith and trusting The Lord with your child!! I will be asking The Lord every day for the life and health of your child!!! He knows every hair on our heads and knows the number of our days, but since we don’t know any of that we will keep banging on the doors of heaven for your baby!!! I BELIEVE that He heals and will be praying for healing for your baby!!

    I will also be praying for YOU during this trial, for your continued faith as you battle the devil and his desire to separate you from God. That you will cling to nothing but God through this, because everything we have is His. I love you sweet lady and will continue to pray for you!! You have a very very special place in my heart!!!!

  2. I just saw the link to your post on fb. Your story could have been ours–routine ultrasound, fluid around the lungs, possible heart and other birth defects, low chance to carry to term or to survive the trauma of birth. We continued to have a great hope and you should too. Eventually, we lost our precious baby boy at 27 wks gestation whom we named Johnny, 12 years ago, next Saturday. He is our little angel in heaven and was the first glimpse in our younger years of a great desire and longing to reach that heavenly place. May the Lord’s Will be done in your situation…your outcome may not be ours…but may He be exalted! He knows your child by name. The Lord will supply your strength to endure your disappointments and he will bring Joy in the morning! He, alone is in control and has a wonderful plan for you and your family. You will be stronger for your trials and will be amazed at the evidence of His blessing, even in the face of huge disappointment. Praying for you.

    • Thank you for your sweet words and prayers. I know you treasured those 27 weeks you carried your sweet Johnnie and I pray God allows me more time to carry our sweet baby. Thank you for sharing your story- that even if things don’t go the way we want that God can still be glorified.

  3. Carrie, One thing we can be sure of is that God is ALWAYS pleased by faith. His Word promises that if we pray according to His Word that we can be sure we will receive exactly what we prayed for. He has already shown His faithfulness by answering your previous prayers concerning this situation. I would encourage you to reconsider your 3 points of prayer and make it only 1 – that there would be no abnormal fluid causing this problem in your precious little one. If we add the other 2 points we are saying we don’t believe God will answer the first. He’s a great, big miracle working God. He has great plans for your child, He promised your baby long life. Keep your eyes and thoughts on the scriptures as they are God’s promises, will and plans for your child. Psalm 91:16 “with long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.” Psalm 118:17; Psalm 6:5; Jeremiah 29:11 “I know the plans I have for you, saith the Lord, plans for good and not for evil…..” These are just a few. There are many more wonderful promises for you to encourage your faith! Stand strong, don’t allow fear to enter in, it will rob your faith. Keep rejoicing over your baby and watch how God will turn this around for you! I will be standing in faith along with you and expecting to hear a wonderful testimony!!

    • Well, if you read the prayers of Paul in the NT, it’s clear he didn’t spend a lot of time praying for things to happen a certain way. He absolutely prayed about his hopes and intentions, like his urge to go into Asia to preach the gospel, but the Holy Spirit told him no in Acts 16, and he humbly accepted. Paul lived his life in an attitude of submission and obedience; I think the wisest way to handle scary, hurtful situations like these is to lift events and concerns into His hands, telling Him what we would like and then yielding to Him concerning the whole thing. It’s not easy, but God absolutely tells us no, and assuming otherwise can set us up for disappointment and resentment.

      I don’t know you Carrie, but my heart goes out and I’ll be praying for you and your little bump — it’s hard to wrap our mind around, because we tend to project our own feelings of sorrow onto those we’ve lost, but they truly are the lucky ones and that can be a lifelong comfort.

  4. You are an inspiration. Your baby is so blessed to have a mother like you. Keep the faith and know that God has a plan for you and your growing family. I will be sending a pray request out at church on Sunday, and Ben and I will be keeping you in our personal thoughts and prayers. God Bless friend.

  5. Our hearts go out to you all. We have had 7 miscarriages and was also told the same things during my pregnancies with our two youngest. We have four beautiful children. My pregnancy with our third child we were told everything you have been told . She was born with a birth defect but everyday she is living proof of how great our God is. With our youngest the doctors told me that they couldn’t find a heartbeat. I was devastated and didn’t know how I tell my husband the news( he was on a deployment in Iraq). My husband and our friends encouraged throughout everything . I know it isn’t easy and it’s hard to stay positive. Just remember that people are praying for you all. We know that our God is mighty. Sending you lots of love, hugs, & prayers.

    • I cannot even imagine losing seven precious babies… I admire your faith in difficult times and am encouraged by your children and their success stories. Thank you so much for taking time to comment and for your prayers.

  6. Hi, I got connected to your blog through a facebook friend. As I read your post I am praying for you. Cannot imagine how you must be feeling. We had a scare (not as severe as yours) with our second child and every thing worked out fine and she was born a healthy baby girl. Ultrasounds are such a blessing but I feel like in a way they can be a curse and give women scares when everything might be fine. So, I am praying for you and your sweet little baby. I have had friends that have had ultrasounds and the doctors have said their baby more than likely will have such and such a problem and they were born totally fine. I want to encourage you to, right now, put your child’s life in God’s hands. All you can do is take care of yourself and let God take care of the rest. You do all that you can and trust. I know it is so much easier said than done but even with low risk pregnancies things can go wrong. I have had to do this before and after my children were born. I look forward to keeping up with your story and hearing about your sweet child’s life.

  7. Carrie, I know you don’t know me, but I know your in laws, Susan and Richard, Dwayne….anyhow, my heart is hurting for you right now because I know personally exactly what you are going through. Last year we went in for our gender ultrasound and the tech found two hygromas on our sons neck. My doctor said she’d never even seen anything like them in her 35 years of practice. They told us they didn’t know the chance of his survival, and that he would almost certainly be born with chromosomal defects. We went in a week later for more sonograms and an amniocentesis. The only way we made it through those couple weeks was by the grace of God. I could feel His peace and strength all over me. When the tech at the high risk center was done measuring everything, I asked her if the cystic hygromas had grown and she looked at me and asked what I was talking about. She could not even find any evidence of 1 CH, much less 2! She searched all over that baby again and found absolutely nothing. His amnio came back 100% normal…his heart scan was perfect. He was born full term, healthy as could be. I just want you to hold on to hope, because I KNOW The Lord can heal this sweet little baby. There’s a CH support group on, and there are hundreds, literally hundreds, of stories of babies who have had this and come through okay. I will be praying for you!~Abby Jamison

  8. Praying for healing for your little one, peace for you & your family and continued joy knowing He is our creator, sustainer, refuge, and rock. May you both be comforted by His great power of love and prayers being given. Much love…Mary W.

  9. Continue strong in your faith . I too was given the same diagnosis when I was pregnant. I even had an amniocentesis and it confirmed downs syndrome and retardation with limbs missing. I cried and prayed my entire pregnancy. I believe God honored my prayers and my faith and I gave birth to a perfectly healthy BEAUTIFUL daughter. She has never been sick praise God. graduated straight A’s and now married with her own daughter. HOWEVER…during her pregnancy she too was given the same frightening news. Sent to a specialist to run tests that confirmed the thickening skin fold at back of neck consistent with downs syndrome. Was told the same as I was… Abort!!! But praise God again He honored her prayers and faith as well and I am blessed with a healthy BEAUTIFUL granddaughter. I know God has HIS hands on you and your baby as well. I am convinced that all babies are blessings no matter what. You have already defeated the enemy by sharing your miracles and blessings and acknowledging openly your faith and trust in God. Be encouraged that special people are given special gifts because God trusts them with em. So through all the ups and downs lean not on your own understanding but in all ways acknowledge Him and He will give you the desires of your heart… to be a mommy. God bless you and keep you in His care.

    • Praising God for your wonderful testimony–just thinking of the loss that the medical field pushes just breaks my heart. Thanking God that you are a Godly woman and would not listen to anything but the voice of God. God Bless you!

  10. I do not know you… And you do not know me… But in friends with Jessie Hatter.

    I had a very similar pregnancy last summer (2012). We found out at 12 weeks that we were having a girl! Then the tech was silent… She had found a cystic hygroma. I had gone to this appt alone and I will never forget the emotions I encountered when the dr told me the news. We waited days to tell any family or friends and then I realized we needed their prayers more than anything.

    The next 14 weeks were a roller coaster. We were sent to a high risk doctor and had weekly ultrasounds. My doctor actually quit seeing me because I wouldn’t have an abortion. Her heart rate was great one week and not the next. Same with her growth. My husband and I prayed for Gods will… And chose to have as positive experience as we could together. On June 26 (we had weekly ultrasounds to check for heartbeat) she had passed away. I labored and birthed Addison on the morning of June 27. I can not describe how much closer this situation brought us to each other and The Lord. We had 3 children at home, 2 were his and 1 was mine from previous marriages.

    Rather than harden our heart… We rejoiced in the time we had with this special spirit. It was hard. And sometimes I got mad and wondered “why me??” I may never have all the answered but I know Gods will happened and it was part of my plan on this earth.

    Exactly one year later… June 27 2013 I gave birth to a baby boy. It was a crazy pregnancy with lots if scares also… But i am sitting here at 2am nursing my healthy baby as I type this.

    We will be praying for you. Collectively as a family and individually. One book I found helpful was “I will carry you”. And the song by Selah. I would be happy to mail you my copy 🙂

    You are not alone… And you are loved.

    (Ps….I am sorry for rambling! Nothing like a novel from a complete stranger!!)

    • What an amazing testimony to your faith Kari! Praising God for your little angel and your little boy. I don’t know Carrie either but we are sisters in Christ and I wil be praying for her, this precious child and her family. Thank you for sharing your heart ache and your joy. God Bless you!

  11. I don’t know you, but your prayer request was sent to me by a friend. I do believe that our God works miracles and you and your baby will be in my prayers daily!

  12. Read your story and was moved to pray for you. God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think.The Lord has been teaching me about how we live from the inside out, not the outside in. How he sent the Holy Spirit in his place, so that he can live in us. As we live from the inside out, we stand and believe God’s written word over our lives. Or we can choose to live from outside in, which is the worlds perspective. Remembering we walk not by sight, but faith alone in God. I am learning, as I awaken each day to pray let me live from the inside out and let your Holy Spirit have complete control in my life today. WIll continue to pray for you, your husband and little one.

  13. Carrie, I too was led to your page through a FB post. I pray it brings comfort and peace to you to know how many family, friends and strangers are praying for you and your baby. Our God is great and He bends down to hear our every prayer. I am standing in agreement with every one of the prayers being said for you and your precious baby and petitioning our God with prayers of my own for His mighty healing hand to be on your baby …. His will be done, His strength and courage upon you as you face your fears. May He bind Satan’s lies and the fears those lies bring into your thoughts. May you find His comfort and peace covering you like a warm, soft blanket. May his blessings rain down on you and your precious family.

  14. Love you both, and we are so sad for what you are struggling with, yet, so encouraged by your faith to continue asking and petitioning the Lord for his miracles. The day that your baby meets you and gets to experience your love for him or her will be an exceptionally special day. I pray it comes to pass here, but if it should be in heaven, the result will be the same. The verse your mother reminded you of is so perfect, to continue leaning into your Father and His providence. You don’t have to fight to save or cure your little one, because the Lord is on your child’s side as well. Love you sooooo much, Carrie and Bennett. We are with you from way over here.

    • Bennett and your wife. I am Anita Uncle Waynes Yvonne sister . I am gone in the summer because I am a camphost and when I get home I get back on face book. I was sadden to hear about your outcome of your new little one but prayer and family will get you thru this . You have a great family that believes in the Lords trust and that is what I believe will get you thru this , my prayers are with you all Love Anita

  15. Having had a special needs child I can tell you that they are a joy no matter what is “wrong” with them. God will only give you as much as you can take and no more. If you do lose this precious one then God is just having his angel come home early. I am thankful everyday for the nine precious years I had with my baby girl and I know that God has her meeting his new members of heaven with her sweet opened arms. Trust, have faith, and be strong. Many blessings and prayers to you.

  16. This life is a rollercoaster. You have my prayers. I keep waiting for life to get easier. My father always told me, “Happiness isn’t something that you are, it’s something you fight for.” Don’t give up the fight.

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