Another Bulleted List.

I’ve been such a bad blogger so here id the most recent update:

-I recently left my job at Franklin County DSS to work for Carilion with their Eligibility Assistance Services Program. It was such a tough decision for me to leave Franklin County DSS as I love my co-workers and my job there, but with Bennett losing his job and us living in Roanoke we both felt God leading us in this direction. I completed my first week of the new job this week and I can already tell I am really going to like it!
It should be a little more fast paced which I am excited about. I will be working at Roanoke Memorial Hospital assisting clients with getting financial help (such as Medicaid). Having a background in Medicaid from Franklin County DSS is a huge help to me- but I still have alot to learn!

-We booked our trip to New York for March 14-18! Bennett and I are SO excited! We get to meet up with our friends–we’ll call them the “G’s”– who have Vaginismus. “Wife G” has become one of my closest friends over the past several months. We have had several emails, phone conversations and skype dates sharing about what the Lord is doing in our lives, what struggles we are facing and of course our similar issue of Vaginismus. Another amazing answer to prayer is that we only thought we had enough Marriott reward points to get one hotel night free- we have enough points to get all four nights free! God is so faithful to provide for us and I must not forget this simple truth.

-I am starting a new book called Wholly Jesus by Mark Foreman. Mark Foreman is the father of Jon Foreman, who is the lead singer of one of my favorite bands Switchfoot. My friend Laryssa recommended the book for me to read, so I thought I would read it and post my thoughts on here and hope to get some feedback from you guys. Mark Foreman is currently a pastor at North Coast Calvary in Carlsbad, CA.

-The holidays were busy, but wonderful. We spent time with both sides of the family and found out that we are going to have a little neice or nephew by this time next year which we are super excited about. Congrats Thomas and Courtney!

-Crouton continues to grow. He is a full 5.1 pounds.

-Bennett is still searching for a job. He has put in countless amounts of applications. I am really proud of him for how hard he is trying. Even with just my income, we are not in need or want of anything. It truly is incredible.

-Random, but so thankful for having my closest friend Jess Walker so much closer to me. I see her several times a week which usually consist of at least one sleepover and plenty of good chats and it has just been such an encouragement to me to have her back in my everyday life. God is good to provide those people when we need them.

I think that is about it for now. I will try my best to blog more. With pictures. Because pictures always make it so much more interesting.