Puppies and Mistletoe and Unexpected Blessings.

Isn’t he the cutest?

We have adjusted to having a puppy in the house. If puppies are this much work I can’t even imagine what having a baby is like! I therefore think that every married couple should get a puppy before having a baby.

It’s been awhile since I have posted- yet even though I am not consistent I am thankful that the Lord is. He answered a HUGE prayer today as we have been hit with some financial issues between a car breaking down and Bennett losing his job- God provided us with $1,000 dollars today. Praise. The. Lord. $400 of it came form our landlord for Bennett painting our apartment several months ago and the other $600 came was our security deposit form our previous apartment. We had forgotten about them both (or just assumed that we weren’t getting our deposit back) and they came at just the right time. Bennett’s parents also helped us out with letting us use a spare car while we are trying to figure out what is going on with Bennett’s car, if we need to purchase a new vehicle or wait it out.

God is so good and faithful in spite of ourselves.

On a side note: if anyone knows of any work for Bennett please let us know! He is searching diligently and has applied for several places but has yet to hear anything.

As cliche as it sounds, He will provide!

God continues to bring ‘V girls’ (vaginismus women) into our lives. Bennett and I are super excited for March to arrive as we are going to return to Long Island/Womens Therapy Center for a few days to met up with one of the couples we have been talking to for several months. They will be going to the same treatment center that we went to and we are excited to go be a part of their journey. They are both believers, and I have become especially close to ‘S’ (as I want to protect her confidentiality) and thankful for God putting her in my life. They will be married exactly one year while they are participating in the treatment program and I KNOW the Lord is going to heal them by that special one year anniversary date. Keep them in your prayers!