Roanoke Residents.

We are official Roanoke residents, folks. And I am quite happy about that fact. Even the 25 minute drive to work isn’t so bad.

The move went very smoothly. I was quite nervous about it as our sofa would not fit through the door and had to be lifted from the ground to our third floor porch by ropes. At that point my mom went to get the pizza and I went in another room as we could not bear to watch. The sofa made it safely in, as well as no one getting hurt, even though one of the ropes was down to four threads when it was all said and done.

I will post pictures soon- we just love our cute charming apartment. Charming is a nice word for saying ‘old’, by the way. But with a fresh coat of paint, it truly is looking more up-to-date. We simply love our neighbors too and their furry pets.

On a side note (and here I go on my soapbox…), God has continued to use this blog to reach other women who have vaginismus. Just yesterday I received two facebook messages from women who ran across my blog by doing a search. It totally makes it all worth it when I am able to talk with other women who have the same condition. Thankful that God does use technology for His glory! 😉 And I again want to reiterate if there is anyone who is struggling with this condition and lives local- we have a facebook local support group and we also meet once a month to share and support one another. If you do not live local, I would love to hear from you as well. My email is Also- here is the link to our video we made about the two week program we attended: God desires for all women to have sexual freedom with their husbands. Satan is strategic and attacks this part of the marriage because most women/men are too ashamed/embarrassed to discuss it, much less go to the doctor and work toward a cure. Do not be defeated- the Lord desires freedom for all!

Okay, off my soapbox now.


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