Another year older, another year of change.

So, I had a birthday on Wednesday. And no, I don’t feel older. Not on that specific day at least. But I can say within this past year I feel I have ‘grown’. Since I am such a bulleted person, here are some of my thoughts over the past year:

-I have learned about and experience God’s love in a way I never have before. I have learned that God allows us to go through circumstances so that we can understand that more fully.

-I know I talk about our church family all the time- but I am truly grateful for God leading us to Citylight this past year. Last night in small group we talked about how easy it is to make an ‘idol’ of a church. I struggle with this, because I love my Citylight family so much. But then after much discussion- we love our church family because of the God that we serve and the God that we allow to work in our lives. I see on a consistent basis God working, changing, molding and breaking people in our congregation and it’s just plain exciting. The amount of transparency in the church is extremely refreshing and convicting. I have never felt freedom in Christ as much as I have now- and I pray that the Lord will continue to break down bondages so I can experience more freedom.

-And another topic I talk much about but am super thrilled- We have been cured from Vaginismus. I praise the Lord that this two year struggle is over. It could have been much longer (ex. Jessie and Philip’s nine years), and I am so thankful for God’s directing hand to healing. Please pray with me as we have our first support group meeting for women with gynecological health issues this Sunday at 3pm. I am so glad that God allowed me to go through this- I have made close friendships and connections because of this and have been able to support other women. There is no better feeling then allowing the Lord to use something personal in your life to help another. Really, it’s just another form of ‘witnessing’ as you are showing and displaying what Christ has done for us.

-I’ll be honest. Bennett and I have had some rough patches in our marriage- but I am thankful for those and am blessed to say that we are thoroughly head over heels in love with each other. I couldn’t have better handpicked a husband for myself.

-We are moving to Roanoke in one week! SO excited. Yet stressed. Our house looks like a hurricane hit. But thankful for some awesome peeps who are going to be helping us move next Saturday.

So, that is a short summary of the experiences and changes over the past year. I am excited about year 23 the Lord has blessed me with and am praying for greater things to come.


2 thoughts on “Another year older, another year of change.

  1. Congratulations on being an “overcomer,” Carrie! I can’t wait to see that day for myself. It takes so much effort and perseverance to overcome vaginismus. You and Bennett should both be very proud. 🙂 And happy belated birthday too!

    I think it’s really cool that your church has a support group for gynecological issues — they can be very difficult to talk about, but having a group of people there who can share your joy and struggle, to encourage you and push you into doing your best, has got to be a wonderful help on the path to overcoming. One of the hardest parts for me has always been essentially going it alone; the only other person I know with vaginismus doesn’t want to talk about it.

  2. Happy belated belated birthday Carrie and congratulations to you and Bennett on overcoming the vag! I hope your meeting went well.

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