Happy Birthday Bennett!

Today is the 23rd Birthday of the wonderful husband of mine. In honor of his birthday, and my love for listing, I thought I’d list 23 things I love about him 🙂

1. He is 99.9% of the time happy. No joke.
2. He is extremely laidback and carefree.
3. He’s an excellent cook.
4. He cares more about the Lord and what He thinks then what anyone else thinks.
5. He has an immense love and passion for people.
6. He has mad dance skills. 😉
7. He makes me feel like the most loved and cherished woman in the world.
8. He put up with two years of a relatively non-intimate marriage and continued to show love and grace to me.
9. He is extremely artistic.
10. He picks up random people off the side of the road to give them a ride.
11. He isn’t a money spender.
12. In fact, he is incredibly ‘cheap’ and I find that attractive.
13. He makes whoever he is around smile and laugh.
14. He is incredibly smart.
15. He is an excellent writer. Much much much much better then me and I wish he would edit every blog post.
16. He is selfless- always putting others first above himself.
17. He has a huge desire for knowledge.
18. He is hilarious. Especially when he is really tired.
19. He can make any situation fun.
20. He is an excellent masseuse.
21. He can conquer eating a full plate of Vindaloo.
22. He is an incredibly hard worker.
23. I truly feel I could not have a better, more loving, God honoring husband then Bennett Wampler.

I love you!


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