Tomorrow is my Friday.

-I am ecstatic because tomorrow is my Friday. I started a flex schedule and I am now working 7-5 Monday-Wednesday; 7-4:30 on Thursdays and off on Fridays. I was for sure second guessing this decision Monday morning when I was dragging myself out of bed. I will not be seconding guessing it on Friday when I am laying poolside with a friend.

-We got an apartment! One of the reasons why I chose a flex schedule is because we have decided to move to Roanoke to be closer to our church family, friends and Bennett’s job. I will be staying at my job and to help with the cost of gas- working four days a week instead of five made more sense. I love my job and co-workers and the commute is only 25 minutes. The landlord is great and is not only letting us paint the apartment, but is buying all the paint and supplies to do so! The apartment is in a safe area of town and right near a chick-fil-a and Starbucks so Bennett and I are pretty happy about that fact. The apartment itself is in a quaint complex full of elderly folks. I have already met one lady and she was as sweet as she could be. The apartments themselves are a bit ‘old’ (no pun intended) and I really had to overcome my fear of odd colored bathrooms (a brownish peach bathtub anyone?) but I am learning to not be so darn picky about my living quarters. We got a great deal on the place and with a bit of paint it’ll be looking great!

-We had an earthquake yesterday. Yes. Everyone has heard about it and knows all the details so no point in me going on and on about it. Except for my co-worker thought it was a big mouse rattling her desk. That was one big mouse.

-Our two year anniversary is approaching. So thankful for these two years and for my incredible husband God has blessed me with.


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