Story Time.

Excerpt from my latest read- Forgotten God by Francis Chan. (Will post book review once completed).

“Years ago, Dave Phillips and his wife, Lynn, had a talk about the callings they felt God was stirring in them. As they discussed what they were most passionate about, they agreed that bringing relief to suffering children and reaching the next generation with the gospel were at the top of the list. The thought of starting a relief agency was considered, but Dave’s response was, “But that would mean I have to talk in front of people.” By nature, Dave is a very quiet, behind-the-scenes man.

But after much prayer, Dave set aside his fears, and he and Lynn started Children’s Hunger Fund out of their garage. Six weeks after CHF was launched, in January of 1992, he recieved a phone call from the director of a cancer treatment center in Honduras asking if there was any way he could obtain a certain drug for seven children who would die without it. Dave wrote down the name of the drug and told the director that he had no idea how to get this type of drug. They then prayed over the phone and asked God to provide.

As Dave hung up the phone, before he even let go of the receiver, the phone rang again. It was a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey asking Dave if he would have any use for 48,000 vials of that exact drug! Not only did they offer him eight million dollars’ worth of this drug, but they told him they would airlift it to anyplace in the world! Dave would later learn that the company was one of only two that manufactured this particular drug in the United States…”

As I read this story I was convicted of what I would have done. I would have told the man that there was no way I could help him, that I was not a doctor and had no connections with anyone who may have the medication.

But as I am learning through the scriptures and this book- with the Holy Spirit the impossible happens. Not the impossible ‘can’ happen- but the impossible does happen if I let the Holy Spirit control every part of my life instead of myself trying to control the Holy Spirit.

I am thankful for a dear friend of mine- Jessica Walker. Upon boarding a flight home from her mission field in Philadelphia for the past three months- Jess really had no direction to what she would be doing back in Roanoke. No set job. Done with school. No clue. On the flight, she sat beside an older woman and struck up a conversation with her. This woman works at Gentle Shepard Hospice, a Gospel-centered hospice company, and Jess just texted me an hour ago to tell me that she received a clerical job there. Jess could have let the uncomfortableness of sitting next to someone she didn’t know overtake her, and not have spoken to the woman- but she didn’t. She allowed the Holy Spirit to lead, she now has a job with a ministry degree attached- so who knows what the Lord is going to do through her through this job!

I am loving this book and the scriptures it has been pulling out about the Holy Spirit and I am loving to watch the Holy Spirit lead in my life. The Lord has led several women to contact us that have Vaginismus and it has been such a blessing-and I have seen God do incredible things already. I do not have permission to post about them and I want to protect their privacy- but already since we have returned from New York six women have contacted us through church connections and the majority from reading this blog. Several of them are local and myself with Jessie Hatter are praying about starting a local support group.

The Holy Spirit will do the impossible if we let Him- and it is so exciting when He does because it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Him. Praise be to the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Story Time.

  1. Hi Carrie,
    Just wanted to get in touch with you about your treatment n NY. When you say you are “cured,” do you mean TOTALLY? I hope that everything is going great with your healing and that you and your husband are enjoying the sex life you should have had when you first married! I am still waiting on that in my marriage, though things are slowly (sometimes it feels like VERY slowly) improving. I’ve just had a very overwhelming appointment with my gynaecologist and am feeling like having two different reproductive health diagnoses at the same time is pretty unfair! Agh. Anyway, I’m glad to hear you had such a positive treatment experience, but don’t feel stressed if you have issues re-emerge or whatever. It’s a process, and there are a lot of different triggers for the pain. Keep in touch.

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