“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”

The above quote is by Helen Keller that was texted to me by a friend today- and I can say this past week has sure been some adventure. Day four of treatment is complete and I cannot believe how far I have come (not to brag on myself–but it’s pretty exciting!). These doctors for sure know what they are doing, they are SO loving and caring and I truly will have a difficult time leaving them next week–but I am not going to think about that as that is a full week away and I am looking forward to this weekend!

Our friends Laura and Daniel B. are coming up to visit us. They will be in tomorrow evening and will spend all day Saturday with us exploring the city and then leave mid morning on Sunday. I am SO thankful for them and it means alot that they are coming up! I am for sure ready for a break from treatment and to have some time with some great friends.

Today’s treatment went well. Emotionally it has been trying- but physically today was probably the easiest day thus far. Bennett took the day to explore the city while I was in treatment so he could plan out our site seeing day on Saturday. I enjoyed some down time and did laundry, watched some tv, etc. I also met a wonderful woman at dinner who I found out is also a believer. She is from Scotland and is here with her family so her 14 year old autistic son could receive some medical treatment. I didn’t share a whole lot about my issue- but enough for her to get the jist and she shared that she had fertility issues and how God has blessed her with four children. She had SUCH a positive outlook on life- even though one of her kids is struggling with his own condition. She told me that she prayed for 8 years that God would heal her son- and then started to pray differently. We do serve a God that CAN do miracles- but she stated that sometimes that isn’t His plan and He has a different purpose. She said she has met so many people through her son and God has used it greatly. It was encouraging to me as there have been many times I have been angry at God and wishing I never had to deal with this condition- but God has a reason. He has taught me SO much already and for that I am grateful and I know He is going to use this to bring glory to Him.

I hope this post all makes sense–it is late and I am pretty wiped out but it helps me to post some and process the day. I appreciate your prayers–I have never in my life felt so loved and supported and prayed over. We both have been extrememly humbled and challenged to look at our own lives in how we can do better to support our brothers and sisters in Christ.


One thought on ““Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”

  1. Love you and praying for you! SO glad God is doing exactly what He said He would by taking care of you and comforting you! I hope your trip to the city was full of fun!!

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