NY Bound!

This will be a quick post as I have yet to start packing…and it’s 6:30pm and we are leaving at 7:00am tomorrow morning…but I am almost done with a weeks worth of laundry 🙂

I can’t believe it is already time for our treatment–it has been a whirlwind the last four months–meeting the Hatters, going to Citylight, making the decision to go to the Women’s Therapy Center–but the awesome part is seeing God’s hand in it all. He has been so faithful and I know he will continue to be.

People have been SO generous–I will do a post more about that later but it has overwhelmed Bennett and I. Our church family has been AMAZING, the Hatters, friends, parents (Thanks to mom and dad for an early birthday present of a GPS!!), etc. etc. It has really challenged Bennett and I to give more of ourselves, our time and our money. We have been living so ‘comfortably’ and that has got to change.

Please pray that we can both get a good night’s sleep. Pray for my anxiety level (ha) as I have been somewhat anxious the past few days and need to continually remember to cast my cares upon the Lord. Pray for ministry opportunities while we are there. Pray for safe travel. Pray for God’s healing in all aspects of our personal lives and maritial life-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Pray that God will use this situation to bring glory to HIM as it has already and I know it will continue.

Also, pray for a fellow blogger friend of mine. I have not met her in person yet but many of you may know her. She JUST now had triplets–as far as facebook says they are doing well but they are tiny so please keep them in your prayers 🙂


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