Answered Prayer.

God. is. so. good.

This month has been a radical month for me and Bennett- God showing himself time and time again. Since my last post- Bennett has gotten a job. His last day of work was on Thursday, March 31st. He found out Wednesday March 30th he was hired at Lowes and he began working on Tuesday, April 5th. Bennett typically had Fridays and Mondays off so it was as if there was no gap at all between jobs.

We went to our first service at Citylight this past Sunday. We were overwhelmed by the kindness and love of the congregation and the leadership. This particular church takes communion every Sunday. The partaking in communion had such a huge impact on me. As I dipped the bread in the juice and reflected on God giving his only child to die for me- just completely overtook me. It was because of His pure love that He did that- and that is what Bennett and I have truly felt this month. Yes- we always have known that God loves us- but we have felt it SO strongly this month that it is unexplainable. Communion was followed with the song “Oh, How He Loves Us” and we both just sat and drank in the love of the Lord. So often, Bennett especially, we had gotten so wrapped up in ‘working’ at the church and focusing on what needed to be done that we forgot to simply bask in the love the Lord lavishly gives to us.

Bennett loved being a youth pastor and he loved being in ministry. We want to make it clear that we will be going back into ministry but are taking this time to rest and learn. But in the meantime- Bennett really loves to teach. We met some friends, a young couple about our age, a few weeks ago who are new to the county. We often go with them to the gym and had begun to know each other better. A few weeks ago Bennett was reading in his quiet time about discipleship and felt burdened to connect with this new couple on a deeper level. The exact same day, at the gym, the husband of the couple asked Bennett if he would be interested leading a bible study for them, us and a few of our other couple friends we have in franklin county. It was another God thing. We began the bible study last Sunday night and it was a night full of candid, genuine open questions and discussion. Bennett is still learning and teaching but God is showing us that it doesn’t have to be inside of the church doors. More often then not it is much more effective outside of the church doors. This Bible study is also helping us stay connected in Franklin County as our church is in Roanoke but we live here- and God has called us to minister here as well.

So that is just a few more exciting things going on in the lives of the Wamplers. 🙂


One thought on “Answered Prayer.

  1. I loved reading this post!!!! Like I mentioned on facebook you sound healthier already. I am so glad that you and Bennett are mvoing forward. Michael and I miss you both very much…. But I am reminded that one day we will all be able to fellowish together for enternity while praising our Lord. Its so encouraging to hear how God is working, teaching and growing you both. I hope to hear more soon about the bible study and your church;) lots of love Laura

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