Adversity vs. Prosperity. Which you would you prefer?

A few weeks ago, Bennett stumbled across this website, that states the top ten worst-paying college degrees. No big shock to ourselves-our degree’s were listed as number 1 and number 3 on the list.


“An American church leader met with a Christian pastor in China several years ago who suffered greatly for his faith. The pastor told the American that Chinese Christians were ferevently praying for American Christians. The American, somewhat startled that someone had suffered imprisonment for his faith was praying for those who enjoyed religious liberty, asked why they were praying for America. ‘Because it seems we are handling our adversity far better than you are handling your prosperity'”.


I read the excerpt above in the book “Fresh Encounter” by Henry and Richard Blackaby. I instantly thought of the mentioned website link and my own selfish need to equate monetary prosperity to success- and how lately I have felt somewhat unsuccessful as we have been bombarded with various unexcepted car and medical bills that have put a standstill in our efforts to build our savings account. And you know what, the Lord has graciously taken care of us and our measly financial worries. But the Lord gently reminded me today through my reading of what is important- handling adversity in a way that pleases the Lord.

But the real issues is, which would I prefer? Would I rather have all the materialistic things in the world -big savings accounts, fancy cars, and huge houses- that cause temptation to rely upon ourselves for security and safety? Or would I rather continually be relying on the Lord- trusting Him to supply all of my needs and trusting in Him as my safe refuge?


One thought on “Adversity vs. Prosperity. Which you would you prefer?

  1. Carrie this is awesome to read! I think most couples both young and old are struggling with financial issues today, but especially couples who are just starting out. Josh and I have lived pay check to pay check all year long, my Dad has, my mom has, and my brother and his wife have. Dad tells us all of the time that these years when incomes are low, and you are living with the basics, are some of the best years of marriage. I honestly LOVE being where we are financially. Sure, I would not turn away a newer, nicer home, new furniture opposed to our hand-me downs, but I think when we have no option but to rely on God for finances, it lessens the thousands of distractions not only in our Christian walk, but also in our marriages. I’m sure you and Bennet’s hearts are in the same mind set. And I am always reminded of the many verses where God tells us not to worry, God promises that He will provide, and God reminds us that His plans for us are prosperous ones- we will never be without. Even if he calls us to a life of fewer THINGS, he fulfills our every NEED. He is sufficient. And because of those things, we have taken a stand to be worry-free (although not stupid) when it comes to our finances. It was truly a blessing to read your words. God Bless! And by the way, I believe I saw you walking downtown today in a lime green shirt?

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