Photo Shoot and Prayer

A dear friend of mine volunteered to take some pictures of Bennett and me. I had been wanting some pictures as we near our one year anniversary, and my friend is looking to intern at a photography studio. Below are a few of the finished products.

Okay, so you are probably wondering who are the people in the last two pictures. They are an answer to a specific prayer. No joke. Bennett and I had been praying for some strong Christian friends, that are around our age, that go to our church-and God answered that prayer! Now I am asking you all to join us in praying for them. Laura found out two weeks ago that her mother has pancreatic cancer. Two days ago Laura found out her mother’s cancer already spread to her liver. The future looks dim for her mother’s life on this earth. Please pray first and foremost for her mother’s salvation, as it is not certain if she knows the Lord. Secondly, pray for strength for Laura and boldness on her behalf. Also pray for her husband Daniel, that he would support her in the best way he can.


2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot and Prayer

  1. Beautiful pictures!!! And by the way I love your funeral ideas. Mine would be a lot like yours. I hope you all are doing great. We love you all. Have a wonderful weekend.

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