Adversity vs. Prosperity. Which you would you prefer?

A few weeks ago, Bennett stumbled across this website, that states the top ten worst-paying college degrees. No big shock to ourselves-our degree’s were listed as number 1 and number 3 on the list.


“An American church leader met with a Christian pastor in China several years ago who suffered greatly for his faith. The pastor told the American that Chinese Christians were ferevently praying for American Christians. The American, somewhat startled that someone had suffered imprisonment for his faith was praying for those who enjoyed religious liberty, asked why they were praying for America. ‘Because it seems we are handling our adversity far better than you are handling your prosperity'”.


I read the excerpt above in the book “Fresh Encounter” by Henry and Richard Blackaby. I instantly thought of the mentioned website link and my own selfish need to equate monetary prosperity to success- and how lately I have felt somewhat unsuccessful as we have been bombarded with various unexcepted car and medical bills that have put a standstill in our efforts to build our savings account. And you know what, the Lord has graciously taken care of us and our measly financial worries. But the Lord gently reminded me today through my reading of what is important- handling adversity in a way that pleases the Lord.

But the real issues is, which would I prefer? Would I rather have all the materialistic things in the world -big savings accounts, fancy cars, and huge houses- that cause temptation to rely upon ourselves for security and safety? Or would I rather continually be relying on the Lord- trusting Him to supply all of my needs and trusting in Him as my safe refuge?


My Future Funeral Plans.

I went to a visitation/wake today, which caused me to think alot about how I would like my funeral to be whenever God decides to take me home. A little morbid perhaps, but I realized today, I truly am ready to go home to heaven, should it be by death or the Lord’s return.

So here are my thoughts:
-I want absolutely no one wearing black. No mom, not even you who I begged to pick a different color other then black to wear to my wedding. Black signifies mourning. I want bright cheerful colors to signify happiness and joy that I am now home with Jesus.

-Please don’t put me in a frilly new dress. My favorite jeans and a t-shirt will be just fine. When people see my physical body for the last time, I want it to remind them of how they normally saw me on a day to day basis. Of course, if I die when I’m 82 years old and typically wear hot pink elastic pants and flowered aplicade blouses, have blue hair and hundreds of wrinkles on my face- I think it might be a better idea to leave the casket closed. 😉

-As for the vistation- maybe only an hour or two long. I want lots and lots of pictures of all my friends and family displayed. Maybe a book or note cards for the guests to write down there favorite memory so that those who I left behind could have it as a special keepsake. No flowers whatsoever. Instead of flowers, ask those who feel inclined to give to donate to whatever ministry Bennett and I were currently involved in at the time. Or to Thai missions as Thailand will always hold a place in my heart.

-The funeral-LOTS and LOTS of music! And celebrating! I am in heaven for crying out loud, what could be better? Songs such as “I’ll Fly Away” (No boring Baptist version either), “Oh Happy Day-Tim Hughes”, “Oh, How He Loves Us-David Crowder”, “Free-United” etc. Just solid songs that talk about the Lord that sound upbeat and joyful! As for a speaker, no more then 15 minutes, but a clear solid salvation message. I don’t want the speaker talking about me, but about my Savior and Lord. I want those who don’t have a relationship with the Lord to clearly know how they can have one.

-The burial. Hmm. Not sure how my parents would feel about this- so brace yourself mom and dad if you are reading, and I really hope this whole post isn’t freaking you out too bad- but if my parent’s land is still in the family, I would like to be buried there. I just find it odd being buried in a huge place with other random strangers.

-Other random details. Whoever has to pay for my funeral-please be as minimalistic as possible. I won’t care whether my coffin cost 5,000 dollars or 50 dollars. As long as its a box that can go in the ground I’m good. I think its ridicilous how much funerals cost-and anyone who knows me knows I could care less- so go the cheap route.

-And for those who I leave behind-children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, Melisa, Ella, Bennett, friends-even my own parent’s and grandparents as I do not know the Lord’s timing- you can mourn, but not for too long (a day or two should suffice ;)). Then continue doing the work of the Lord-sharing with other’s how they can have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

So, there it is. My funeral plans. Hope I didn’t completely freak everybody out-just something I was thinking alot about today at work. It’s just that I finally fully grasped today that I am okay with death. I am okay if I die. Might as well start planning for it now.

Photo Shoot and Prayer

A dear friend of mine volunteered to take some pictures of Bennett and me. I had been wanting some pictures as we near our one year anniversary, and my friend is looking to intern at a photography studio. Below are a few of the finished products.

Okay, so you are probably wondering who are the people in the last two pictures. They are an answer to a specific prayer. No joke. Bennett and I had been praying for some strong Christian friends, that are around our age, that go to our church-and God answered that prayer! Now I am asking you all to join us in praying for them. Laura found out two weeks ago that her mother has pancreatic cancer. Two days ago Laura found out her mother’s cancer already spread to her liver. The future looks dim for her mother’s life on this earth. Please pray first and foremost for her mother’s salvation, as it is not certain if she knows the Lord. Secondly, pray for strength for Laura and boldness on her behalf. Also pray for her husband Daniel, that he would support her in the best way he can.